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Front bumper

The front bumper parts listed relate to the Wilmott Breedon Harmonically Damped Bumper, as fitted mainly to Derby Bentleys.

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'AB: Front bumper'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
AB010NF Front bumper blade £516.24
AB010PL Front bumper blade £896.78
AB020P Bumper mounting beam, upper £236.54
AB030P Bumper mounting beam, lower £176.00
AB035 Reinforcing helper plate, bumper mounting rail £76.72
AB039 Bumper end cap (domed) and fitted stud. £137.48
AB040PL FB2919/FB1836 Bumper end cap, domed : plated £86.22
AB041 FB1839 Stud, bumper end cap £25.07
AB041:1 Stud, bumper end cap, replacement for forged mushroom £14.54
AB042 Nut, clamping bumper weights £10.61
AB043PL Rear bumper end cap, lower (Use with AB500) £54.42
AB045 Stud, rear bumper, Bentley, for 1 1/2" caps £16.26
AB050PL FB1838 Seat, sliding, bumper end assembly £82.18
AB051NF FB1838 Seat, sliding, bumper end assy, hex centre hole, unplated. POA
AB051PL FB1838 Seat, sliding, bumper end assembly, hexagonal centre hole, plated £87.49
AB052 B3828 Spacer sleeve, flanged, below mounting rail £16.33
AB053 Washer 0.5", oversize on thickness, below mounting rail. ID = 0.505" £3.28
AB054 F4275 Castle nut, 1/2" BSF, retaining bumper mounting end-cap £9.52
AB060 FB1837 Weight, bumper end assembly £62.83
AB086 Washer, clamping bumper weight £14.34
AB090 FB1663 Rubber buffer, front bumper £23.88
AB100 Rear bumper end cap, upper, ~2" diameter £69.37
AB101 Rear bumper end cap, lower, ~2" diameter £48.33
AB110 U-bolt, bumper mounting, 3 1/2 £108.01
AB120NF Shroud over silentbloc bush, unplated £49.06
AB120PL Shroud over silentbloc bush, chrome plated £62.16
AB130 Silentbloc bush, bumper mount £40.05
AB140 FB2588 Stud - front dumb iron extension £53.94
AB150 FB3748/FB2335 Dumb iron extension, front bumper £94.77
AB160PL Cup, for front bumper buffer, chrome £24.72
AB170 Foot, cast spacer, bumper mounting £91.90
AB180 FB2478 Hook, safety, front bumper N/S £125.14
AB181 FB2477 Hook, safety, front bumper O/S £125.14
AB182 FB2481DC Aluminium seat, O/S angled safety hook £103.52
AB183 FB2482 Aluminium seat, N/S angled safety hook £103.52
AB187 FB2480 Plate, clamping N/S bumper safety hook £27.06
AB188 FB2479 Plate, clamping O/S bumper safety hook £27.06
AB190 FB2527 Hook, safety, straight £119.34
AB200 FB1722 Clamp, to mounting rail, for number plate £160.24
AB205 KA3508 Bolt, clamp, number plate mounting bracket £6.87
AB210 FB1723 Angle bracket, carrying front number plate £52.13
AB231 Bumper bolt, chrome + nut. 25mm head £9.61
AB500BL Rear quarter bumper (blank) £154.02
AB600 Bumper iron cover, base 100mm x 60mm, slot 37 x 12 POA
AB601 Bumper iron cover, base 106mm x 63mm, slot 37 x 10 POA
AB602 Bumper iron cover, base 106mm x 63mm, slot 37 x 10 POA
ABR041 Stud, bumper end cap, Wraith £18.62
ABR044 Stud, rear bumper end, 20/25 £12.18
ABR200 Bumper badge mounting plate Wraith £115.76
ABR206 Bolt, bumper badge mounting plate, Wraith £13.89
ABR210 Bumper badge mounting plate P2 £115.76

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