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Chassis Lubrication System

For cars fitted with Enots-Bijur or Luvax-Bijur lubrication systems.
Chassis lubrication drip plugs are available in a range of styles and ratings. Please enquire for details.

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'AE: Chassis Lubrication System'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
AE001 Drip plug chassis kit, Bentley 3 1/2L £1093.51
AE003 Drip plug chassis kit, Bentley 4 1/4L, not M-series £1093.51
AE004 Drip plug chassis kit, Bentley 4 1/4L, M-series POA
AE005 Pump, 1-shot, Bijur £391.60
AE010 Washer kit, aluminium, front axle, Bentley £24.78
AE020 Felt strainer, reservoir £1.07
AE021 Washer, sealing, base of 1-shot lubrication pump £1.62
AE030 G54929 Felt strainer, front axle, Bentley and 20/25 GKT22 on, 25/30, Ph2 N2 on £0.60
AE031 G78422 Gauze cup, front axle felt strainer £14.65
AE032 G78419 Perforated disc, axle felt strainer £5.48
AE035 Spring, front axle non-return valve £13.53
AE035SS Spring, front axle non-return valve £8.61
AE036 Valve, front axle non-return £22.35
AE040NF Brass tubing, 5/32" diameter, per foot £5.33
AE040PL Brass tube, 5/32" diameter, nickel plated, per inch. £0.55
AE045NF Brass Tubing, 3/16 diameter, per foot £4.71
AE050 RF6783 Olive, for 5/32" diameter tube £0.92
AE055 UR2541 Threaded bush £11.85
AE060 Seal, cup, reservoir pump £9.95
AE065 Check valve seal, 1-shot pump £1.82
AE070 Nut, female, 1-shot union £7.02
AE080 Nut, male, 1-shot union £7.55
AE090 F78491/D003 Cap nut, 3/8" BSB, Enots Bijur drip plug banjo £25.53
AE100 F100647 Union, 4-way right angle, brass £54.86
AE110 F81570 Bolt, banjo, 1/4" x 0.700" £11.31
AE120 Bolt, banjo, 1/4" x 1.00" £11.31
AE130 Bolt, banjo, 1/4" x 1.25" £11.31
AE140 FB550 Pipe, near side rear axle oil feed £180.99
AE150 FB1335 Pipe, off side front axle oil feed, Bentley £144.08
AE155 Pipe, feed to steering pendulum arm, Bentley M-series £87.40
AE200 F78492 Banjo, 5/32 pipe x 3/8 £33.28
AE210 F77862/D004 Banjo, 5/32" pipe x 1/4" £28.27
AE220 F81148/d005 Nut, 1/4" BSF cap, for banjo fitting £8.34
AED002 Drip plug kit, Phantom 2 to end of M2 series £1013.55
AED004A Drip plug kit, Phantom 2, N2 series JS1 - JS61 (does not include AEDDT2R) £987.66
AED006A Drip plug kit, Phantom 2 N2 series JS62 to end of O2 (does not include AEDDT2R) £1037.34
AED008 Drip plug kit, Phantom 2 P2 series on £1010.83
AED020 F82263 Check valve seal, 1-shot pump P2 series N2 - S2 £3.39
AED030 F80666/pc290 Cup washer, leather, 1-shot pump P2 series J2 - M2 £7.27
AED040 F81068 Connector stud for two 1/4" banjo fittings £17.15
AED050 F81069 Connector stud for three 1/4" banjo fittings £18.90
AED055 F81070 Connector stud for four banjo fittings POA
AED060 G79176 Strainer, felt, front axle, early Phantom 2 POA
AEDD00R Drip plug, double height, Luvax type, 00 rating £26.45
AEDD0R Drip plug, double height, Luvax type, 0 rating £26.45
AEDD1R Drip plug, double height, Luvax type, 1 rating £26.45
AEDD2R Drip plug, double height, Luvax type, 2 rating £26.45
AEDDT2R Drip plug, triple height, Luvax type POA
AEE003 Drip plug chassis kit, 20/25,GOS22 to GBT21 £818.80
AEE004 Drip plug chassis kit, 20/25, GBT22 to Y series £827.73
AEE005 Drip plug chassis kit, 20/25, Z - K2 series (Bijur system) £965.06
AEE100 E21321 Nut, pipe connection to 1-shot pump, early 20/25 POA
AEN005 Drip plug chassis kit, Wraith to WRB76 £426.16
AEN010 Drip plug chassis kit, Wraith WRB77 on POA
AER010 Aluminium washer kit, front axle, 20/25 GBT22 on and 25/30 £25.88
AER020 F56006 Felt strainer, reservoir, 20/25 to GBT21 and Phantom 2 J2 - M2 £3.42
AER022 F82261 Felt strainer, reservoir, 20/25 Z - E2, Phantom 2 N2 - S2 POA
AER025 F80666/pc290 Piston cup, leather, 1-shot pump, P2 J2 - M2, 20/25 Oseries - GBT21 £7.27
AER030 F82249/pc228 Piston cup, leather, 1-shot pump 20/25 GBT22 - end E2 series, P2 N2 series on £8.07
AER050 F55996 Gasket ring, sealing lower cover, 1-shot pump, 20/25 to GBT21 & Ph2 to M2 ser POA
AER055 F82262 Gasket ring, sealing lower cover, 1-shot pump, 20/25 GBT22 - E2 & Ph2 N2 ser on POA
AER065 F80658 Check valve seal, 1-shot pump, 20/25 to GBT21 & Ph 2 to M2 series POA
AER066 F82263 Check valve seal, 1-shot pump (long body), 20/25 GBT22 to end E2 series £3.39
AES00R Drip plug, S00 replacement. £33.32
AES0R Drip plug, S0 replacement. £24.28
AES1R Drip plug, S1 replacement. £23.72
AES2R Drip plug, S2 replacement. £24.28
AES3R Drip plug, S3 replacement. £23.72
AEZE00R Drip plug, ZE00 replacement. £48.96
AEZE010A Drip plug elbow, "straight through". £36.28
AEZE0R Z8000/100 Drip plug, ZE0 replacement. £48.96
AEZE1R Z8000/101 Drip plug, ZE1 replacement £37.40
AEZE2R Z8000/102/DZE2 Drip plug, ZE2 replacement. £43.42
AEZE3R Z8000/103 Drip plug, ZE3 replacement. £44.45
AEZS0R Z8000/20 Drip plug, ZS0 replacement. £21.48
AEZS1R Z8000/21 Drip plug, ZS1 replacement. £21.48
AEZS2R Z8000/22 Drip plug, ZS2 replacement. £21.48
AEZS3R Z8000/23 Drip plug, ZS3 replacement. £21.48
AEZS4R Z8000/24 Drip plug, ZS4 replacement. £21.48
AEZS5R Z8000/25 Drip plug, ZS5, replacement £20.46
AEZSA Body, for ZS and ZT drip plugs, with insert for pipe/olive location £16.47
AEZSS00R Drip plug, Springfield ZS00 replacement. £39.72
AEZSS0R Drip plug, Springfield ZS0 replacement. £39.72
AEZSS1R Drip plug, Springfield ZS1 replacement. £39.72
AEZSS2R Drip plug, Springfield ZS2 replacement. £39.72
AEZSS3R Drip plug, Springfield ZS3 replacement. £39.72
AEZSS4R Drip plug, Springfield ZS4 replacement. £39.72
AEZSS5R Drip plug, Springfield ZS5 replacement. £42.95
AEZT00R Z8000/39 Drip plug, ZT00, replacement £20.67
AEZT0R Z8000/30 Drip plug, ZT0 replacement. £20.67
AEZT1R Z8000/31 Drip plug, ZT1 replacement. £20.67
AEZT2R Z8000/32 Drip plug, ZT2 replacement. £20.19
AEZT3R Z8000/33 Drip plug, ZT3 replacement. £20.67

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