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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'AF: Undertrays'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
AF001 Undertray set, 3 1/2L Bentley A series £1948.33
AF002 Undertray set, 3 1/2L B1BL - B193BL £2094.45
AF003 Undertray set, 3 1/2L, B195BL - end CR series £2094.45
AF004 Undertray set, 3 1/2L, B1CW onwards, all 4 1/4L £2094.45
AF008 Mounting kit, undertray set, Derby Bentley £282.82
AF010 Undertray, front £468.31
AF019 Undertray, N/S, Bentley A series POA
AF020 Undertray, N/S, B1BL to B200CR £442.33
AF022 Felt, side undertray £10.19
AF025 EB1006 Frame strip, N/S front £22.79
AF026 EB1007 Frame strip, N/S undertray, rear £22.79
AF030 Undertray, N/S, from B1CW £442.33
AF040 Undertray, O/S, B1BL to B200CR £442.33
AF046 EB998 Frame strip, O/S front £22.79
AF048 EB1005 Frame strip, O/S undertray rear £22.79
AF050 Undertray, O/S, from B1CW £442.33
AF055 Undertray, gearbox, up to B193BL £741.48
AF060 Undertray, gearbox, B195BL on £741.48
AF060R Undertray, refurbished, gearbox, B195BL on POA
AF065 EB1759 Frame strip, N/S gearbox undertray B195BL on £22.79
AF065:1 EB997 Frame strip, N/S g'box u'tray up to B193BL POA
AF066 EB991 Frame strip, O/S gearbox undertray up to B193BL £22.79
AF066:1 EB1758 Frame strip, O/S gearbox undertray B195BL on £22.79
AF067 EB1004 Felt, gearbox undertray £4.41
AF070 EB985 Bracket, front support, fr. u'tray £15.11
AF071 EB990 Support, rear N/S, front undertray £41.47
AF080 G74208 Washer, undertray to chassis frame £2.32
AFB030 G52447A Undertray set, 20hp, F to 150 in J series POA
AFB040 G52925 Undertray set, 20hp, 151 in J series to end of K series POA
AFB050 G53250 Undertray set, 20hp L-series on POA
AFD021 E80646 Main panel, front undertray assembly, Phantom 2, 1 in N2 to 50 in N2 POA
AFD055 Front undertray assembly, Phantom 2, chassis 1 - 50 in N2 £2683.80
AFD060 Front undertray assembly, Phantom 2, chassis 51 - 150 in N2 £2683.80
AFD065 Front undertray assembly, Phantom 2, 1 - 125 in O2 £2683.80
AFD070 Front undertray assembly, Phantom 2, 126 in O2 on £2683.80
AFD110 E77680 Undertray set, Phantom 2 to end M2 POA
AFD120 E82105 Undertray set, Phantom 2 N2 on POA
AFD600 Offside undertray assembly, Phantom 2 POA
AFD700 Nearside undertray assembly, Phantom 2, to 156 in M2 series POA
AFD701 Nearside undertray assembly, Phantom 2, 157 in M2 to end of M2 POA
AFD702 Nearside undertray assembly, Phantom 2, series N2 on POA
AFD900 E79214 Stud, with square shank POA
AFE010 G53113 Undertray set, 20/25 to GFT26 POA
AFE015 G54571 Undertray set, 20/25 GFT27 to GBT21 £2624.16
AFE017 G54571 Undertray set, 20/25 GBT22 to GKT21 £2624.16
AFE019 Undertray set, 20/25 GKT22 - GRW21 (end of Wa series) POA
AFE020 Undertray set, 20/25 GRW22 - GAW41 (Wb series) POA
AFE021 Undertray set, 20/25 GEX1 - GSY101 (X - Y series) POA
AFE022 G54571 Undertray set, 20/25 GLZ1 - GYD51 £2867.65
AFE023 Undertray set, 20/25 GYD52 - GAF51 POA
AFE024 Undertray set, 20/25 GAF52 on £2867.56
AFE025 Kit of fixing nuts and bolts, undertrays, 20/25 GFT27 - end 25/30 £237.42
AFE031 G54623 O/S undertray, 20/25, GBT22 - GBT71 £430.91
AFE032 G54978 O/S undertray, 20/25, GBT72 - end of XB £430.91
AFE033 G55965 O/S undertray, 20/25, Y series £430.91
AFE034 G55973 O/S undertray, 20/25 Za on, complete £441.17
AFE041 G54624 N/S undertray, 20/25, GBT22 - GKT21 £498.88
AFE042 G55270 N/S undertray, complete, 20/25 GKT22 - end of X (Use for GBT22 on) £498.88
AFE043 G55966 N/S undertray, 20/25 Y series £498.88
AFE044 G55974 N/S undertray, 20/25 series Z - F2/50, J2 - K2 £498.88
AFE045 G56883 N/S undertray, 20/25 F2/51 - end of H2 £464.07
AFE051 G54625 Front undertray, 20/25 Tb series to E2/172 £468.31
AFE054 G56839 Front undertray, 20/25 Series Tb - F2/50 £468.31
AFE055 G56888 Front undertray, 20/25 F2/51 on, and 25/30 £468.31
AFE075 Gearbox undertray complete, 20/25 GFT27 to GRW21, less frame strips POA
AFE076 Gearbox undertray complete, series Wb - end of Y series, less frame strips POA
AFE077 Gearbox undertray complete, series Za - D2/180, less frame strips POA
AFE078 Gearbox undertray complete, D2/181 - F2/50, less frame strips £1354.50
AFE079 Gearbox undertray complete, 20/25 F2/51 on, less frame strips £1354.50
AFE300 G53278 Support stay, side undertray O/S, 20/25 POA
AFJ010 Undertray set, 25/30 POA
AFJ040 G57152 N/S undertray, 25/30 £498.88
AFJ070 Gearbox undertray complete, 25/30, less frame strips POA

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