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Brake equaliser shafts

Brake ropes

The brake ropes are an important element of the braking system on pre-war Rolls-Royce and Derby Bentley chassis. They should not be kinked or distorted, and should be inspected routinely and regularly for broken strands. They may also have stretched over many years of use. These are all reasons for renewing a brake cable.

We regularly renew brake cables. Where they are undamaged we re-use the original fork ends, and fit these to a new length of cable. The overall length of the complete cable is important, and this is set up on a purpose-made jig in our workshops.

If your brake cables are damaged or you suspect that they have stretched please send them to us for assessment.

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'EB: Brake equaliser shafts'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
EB010 G56504 Spherical bearing - outer £41.96
EB020 GB1114 Spherical bearing - centre £41.96
EB090 G73522 Cover, gear-box undertray to brakerope, Bentley, 20/25 & 25/30 £26.18
EB100 Bush, front brake rope clevis eye, front end £7.32
EB110 Bush, front brake rope clevis eye, rear end £4.78
EBE020 G53074 Fork end, brake rope front, 20/25 and 25/30 £57.89
EBE100 G56543 Spherical bearing, centre foot brake equaliser, 20/25 F2 on and 25/30 £47.20
EBE110 G56545 Spherical bearing, end support brake equaliser shafts, 20/25 F2 on and 25/30 £47.20
EBE120 G56544 Cup, ret. spherical bearing, centre brake equaliser shaft 20/25 F2 on and 25/30 £35.48
EBE130 G56546 Cup, ret. spherical bearing, end of brake equaliser shaft 20/25 F2 on and 25/30 POA
EBE131 G56545 Sph'l bush, equaliser shaft mounting, 20/25 & 30, undersize bore £39.98
EBH010 GB1391 Threaded socket, adjustable, brake rope rear axle, Phantom 3 POA
EBH020 G83898 Fork end, brake rope rear axle, Phantom 3 £60.94
EBH030 G82146 Fork end, brake rope front end, front axle, Phantom 3 POA
EBR090 G72840 Cover, leather, brake rope cone, 20hp, P1, Phantom 2 £28.68

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