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Precision engineered cylinder heads and cylinder blocks

From the pouring of the castings in the foundry to the precision manufacture in our Engineering Department we have been perfecting every aspect of cylinder head and cylinder block production over many years to provide you with the very best finished product.

We are thrilled and proud that many cars are on the road today only because owners have been able to fit a cylinder head or block manufactured here in our workshops. It is our mission to enable owners to enjoy many years of sublime motoring, so if you are considering a replacement cylinder head or block do get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss how we can help.

Cylinder heads
Our new cylinder heads are dimensionally the same as the original cylinder head manufactured by Rolls-Royce. However, where Rolls-Royce manufactured cylinder heads for the small horsepower engines in cast iron, ours are manufactured in a high tensile grade of aluminium. This is not without precedent; cylinder heads for the late Phantom 1 and all Phantom 2s were cast in aluminium. The aluminium gives improved cooling and a much-reduced casting failure rate.

Our cylinder heads are fitted with valve guides and valve seats suitable for lead free petrol. They are also fitted with core plugs and push-rod tubes through the water jacket, and the cylinder heads are pressure tested. They are supplied with all new studs in place, and are finish painted in gloss black. A new set of valves is provided with each cylinder head ready to be fitted by the customer.

If required we can supply a complete cylinder head assembled and ready to fit to an engine. The only additional work that will be required is the setting up of the rocker gear. Please enquire if you are interested.

Cylinder blocks
Our blocks are made from cast iron, pressure tested, painted in gloss black and are fitted with 26 copper tubes. Where applicable they are also supplied with a set of cylinder block studs, which are loose and need to be fitted by the customer.

It is essential when using a car equipped with an aluminium cylinder head that the coolant is made up of a 50% mixture of water and anti-freeze, if a water-based anti-freeze is used. The anti-freeze must be renewed on an annual basis to ensure that its corrosion inhibition properties are maintained at full strength. Failure to do this may lead to premature failure of the cylinder head for which we will not be liable.

A selection of the cylinder heads and blocks we manufacture

Silver Ghost block
Bentley 4.25L cylinder head
20/25 cylinder block