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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'JC: Fuel pumps'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
JC010A Fuel pump, double, complete, contact breaker type (EXCHANGE) £463.05
JC040 Diaphragm, low pressure, for pumps with a 2ba earthing screw £28.97
JC041 Diaphragm, fuel pump, high pressure £31.48
JC043 Diaphragm, high pressure long spindle £33.67
JC046 Diaphragm, low pressure, for pumps with 4ba earthing screw £28.18
JC050 Contact set, fuel pump £21.11
JC051 Spindle, points, contact breaker £0.43
JC052 Lead washer, terminal, contact breaker £0.62
JC055 Rocker pedestal, petrol pump £10.66
JC065 Fuse and retainer assembly £12.32
JC070 D74816 Fuse, fuel pump, 1.5 amp £3.85
JC080 EB1142 Union, fuel pump inlet, Bentley £53.24
JC090 DB1076 Union, fuel pump outlet, Bentley £76.87
JC100PL Plug, blanking, petrol pump valve body. Dull nickel plated. £17.07
JC105 D75967 Washer, under blanking plug £2.55
JC120 Disc, non-return valve £2.21
JC130 Retainer, spring, non-return valve £1.59
JC140 Seat, non-return valve £8.97
JC141 Washer, under valve seat, thin fibre, 25/30 on £0.89
JC142 Washer, under valve seat, thick fibre, Derby Bentley £0.48
JC145 Retainer, screwed, non-return valve assembly £20.52
JC160 Guide, behind diaphragm £1.40
JC165 Guide, behind diaphragm £0.84
JCA020 G155/SC199 Spring, pressure control valve, Silver Ghost, 1100 - H £15.38
JCD050 E77135 Bolt, banjo connection, to vacuum pump, Phantom 2 £34.58
JCR005 D54812 Mounting block, rubber, fuel pump, 25/30 & P3 B series to 75 in C £47.26
JCR006 Bush, steel, petrol pump mounting block JCR005 POA
JCR010 D75657 Mounting block, rubber, fuel pump, Wraith and P3 with single pump, 76 in C on £35.54
JCR011 D54931 Bush, steel, petrol pump mounting block, Wraith and P3 POA
JCR020 F10921/sc119 Gasket, Autovac top £10.69
JCR021 AV119 Spring, Autovac valve £2.45
JCR025 3BA screw, Autovac top, nickel silver £6.89
JCR040 Fuel pump, complete, 25/30 (EXCHANGE) £529.86
JCR045 Fuel pump, double, high pressure, electronic negative, Phantom 3, Exchange £381.40
JCR050 E86482 Union, inlet and outlet, fuel pump 25/30 and Phantom 3 £32.31

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