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Radiator shell and shutters

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'KE: Radiator shell and shutters'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
KE020 EB1157 Radiator badge, Bentley £208.88
KE021 Bentley badge, for spare wheel, curved, one stud fixing £217.40
KE030 Spring, radiator shutter return £20.01
KE039 Steam valve, Bentley plain cap £146.01
KE040 Steam valve, Bentley mascot cap £161.91
KE043 E81347 Stud, steam valve, plain cap £6.55
KE048 E81349 Spring, under radiator cap £19.21
KE049 E77960 Washer, under Bentley mascot £2.88
KE050B 78 Bonnet tape, Brown 1/2" Wide-per foot £2.32
KE054:1 EB1699 Stud, steam valve, masc. cap - 5/16 BSF thd £22.23
KE060 EB283 Radiator cap, plain, chrome plated £227.07
KE062 Radiator "Parking" Cap. £43.87
KE070 EB2754 Radiator cap, for mascot, chrome plated £227.07
KE090 Spacer, 0.005, rad. shutter £0.93
KE091 Spacer, 0.010, rad. shutter £0.93
KE092 Spacer, 0.015, rad. shutter £0.93
KE094 Spacer, 0.040, rad. shutter £0.60
KE095 EB1653 Bush, upper, shutter mounting, 0.170" bore £4.64
KE095A Bush, upper, shutter mounting, 0.177" bore £4.64
KE096 Bush, upper, shutter mounting, 0.170" bore, o'size head £4.64
KE096A Bush, upper, shutter mounting, 0.177" bore, o'size head £4.64
KE120 EB2683 Radiator mascot Bentley, forward sloping £362.29
KE130 EB3781 Radiator mascot Bentley, rearward sloping. £443.91
KE180 EB1033 Plate, lower support, radiator shutters, Bentley £92.25
KEA010 E23037 Radiator cap, plain, Silver Ghost, brass finish POA
KEA015 S430 Radiator cap, plain, Silver Ghost, nickel finish £139.50
KEA020 Radiator cap, mascot, Silver Ghost, nickel finish £139.50
KEB100 E54226 Link bar, connecting radiator shutters, 20hp N ser on, 20/25 & 25/30 to end L2 POA
KEC100 E72326 Spring, shutter return, Phantoms 1, 2 & 3, 20hp N ser on, 20/25, 30 & Wraith £11.19
KED010 E81319 Cap, radiator, plain, Phantom 2, series N2 on £166.86
KED020 E81323 Cap, radiator, carrying mascot, Phantom 2 N2 on (2 1/2") £166.86
KED030 E80425 Mascot cap, Phantom 2 (2.250" thread diam) POA
KED160 Mascot, Flying Lady, P2 £362.29
KEJ090 E60492 Link bar, connecting radiator shutters, 25/30 N2 series on POA
KER006 Radiator badge, R-R with red enamel, nickel finish £206.76
KER007 Radiator badge, R-R with red enamel, chrome finish £206.76
KER020A E61143 Rad. cap, plain, 20/25 T-series on, chrome plated, c/w copper washer. £240.39
KER022A Radiator cap, plain, 2 1/4", no facility for steam valve or copper washer. £139.50
KER023A Radiator cap, plain, 20hp and early 20/25, nickel finish £139.50
KER030 E55812/E74562 Radiator cap, mascot, 20/25 early, chrome finish £154.67
KER032 E61148 Radiator cap, mascot, 20/25, 25/30 (& post-war to 1955) £193.97
KER036 E81347 Stud, radiator plain cap, 20/25, Phantom 2 N2 on £6.55
KER045 E77960 Washer, under Rolls-Royce mascot £2.88
KER048 Bonnet tape, 3/4" wide, double beaded, per foot £3.33
KER049 Bonnet tape, 3/4" wide, per foot £3.00
KER050A 77 Bonnet tape, 3/8" wide, per foot £1.70
KER051 Bonnet tape, 7/8" wide, per foot £2.30
KER055 Steamvalve, mascot cap, Phantom II, series N2 on £161.91
KER056 Steamvalve, plain cap, Phantom II, series N2 on £146.95
KER057 Steamvalve, plain cap, 20/25 T-series on & 25/30 £161.91
KER058 Steamvalve, mascot cap, 20/25 T-series on & 25/30 £161.91
KER070 EW1894 Spring, steam valve, Wraith B & C series £12.24
KER075 EW1890 Body, Wraith steamvalve £43.92
KER120 K1911 Screw, retaining upper shutter mounting bar, 20/25 & 25/30 £0.29
KER160 Mascot, Flying Lady, standing, suitable for 20/25, 25/30 & P2 £362.29
KER161 Mascot, Flying Lady, kneeling, suitable for RR 25/30 £362.29
KER201 Filler cap, radiator, Wraith, with sealing washer £88.65
KER205 EW1666 Washer, radiator filler cap, Wraith £3.91

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