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Charging and distribution

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'LF: Charging and distribution'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
LF010 Barrel regulator, pre-war cars with 2 brush dynamo, refurbished, (EXCHANGE ONLY) £165.50
LF030 D100455 Field resistor, (EXCHANGE ONLY) £58.15
LF040 D50470/PC235 Fuse carrier, Paxolin £28.88
LF045 Fuse wire, 10amp, per foot. £1.25
LF045A Fuse wire, 32swg 7 amp, per foot £1.25
LF048 Fuse wire, 1.5A, per foot £0.50
LF050 Fuse carrier complete, moulded Bakelite, Bentley 4 1/4L B63LE on, Ph3 D2 series £50.62
LF054 Fuse, 1A delay blow, glass bottle, car clock £1.41
LF060 D74814 Fuse, glass bottle, 10A £26.86
LF062 Fuse, glass bottle, 5 amp £1.48
LF063 Fuse, glass bottle, 8 amp £1.54
LF065 D75096 Fuse, glass bottle, 30 amp £19.92
LF135 Regulator, electronic, replacement kit, cars with 2 brush dynamo, EXCHANGE. £91.41
LF155 Coil, shunt winding, cut-out switch : Exchange only £92.22
LF156 DB225 Coil, series winding, cut-out switch : exchange only £64.61
LFA010 /SC198 Lid, Lucas junction box, Silver Ghost series P - U £123.05
LFA110 Battery, P1, 6V £197.61
LFR010 Field resistor 20/25 (long) £6.73
LFR020 Field resistor 20/25 (short) £6.73
LFR030 Field resistor 20/25 (single charge rate) £7.35
LFR035 D73539 Ceramic holder, single charge rate field resistor, 20/25 £20.07

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The table shows a filtered list of the parts required for section ‘LF: Charging and distribution’ on a Rolls-Royce Phantom 1: B2 series, with quantities if known.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description QTY Unit Price
LF040 D50470/PC235 Fuse carrier, Paxolin 5 £28.88