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Wheel discs and fittings

Please note:

Original drawings do not exist for wheel discs. They are made to sample, and to fit existing wheels. There is no guarantee that they will fit every wheel on a particular model, particularly if wheels have been rebuilt or respoked. You are advised to check the fit of any new wheel discs before they are painted to make sure that they are correct for the wheels.

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'OB: Wheel discs and fittings'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
OB001 Wheel disc set, with integral bead, 18" Rudge-Whitworth wheel £592.26
OB004 Wheel disc set, with integral bead, 18" Dunlop wheel £572.55
OB005 Wheel disc set, with separate bead, 18" Dunlop wheel £752.72
OB010 Mounting collar, disc, Rudge-Whitworth wheel £128.95
OB020 Mounting collar, disc, Dunlop wheel £110.81
OB030 Disc, inner, Rudge-Whitworth 18" wheel £96.88
OB040 BE833 Disc, inner, Dunlop 18" wheel £96.88
OB045 RB844## Disc, inner, Dunlop 17" wheel £99.19
OB046 Rubber seal, inner wheel disc, per inch £0.20
OB049 Spoke, 3 3/4" long, 30degrees, galvanised £1.43
OB050 Spoke, 4" long, retaining wheel disc £0.86
OB057 Spoke, 4 5/8" long, retaining wheel disc £0.76
OB060 Nipple, for 8 gauge spoke, galvanised. £0.71
OB070 Locater, inner wheel disc. £9.57
OB080 Disc, outer, Rudge-Whitworth, with integral bead £103.90
OB090 Disc, outer, Rudge-Whitworth, with separate bead POA
OB100 BE926R Disc, outer, 18" Dunlop, with integral bead £103.90
OB110 Disc, outer, 18" Dunlop, with separate bead £103.90
OB120 BE1027R Disc, outer, 17" Dunlop, with integral bead POA
OB130 RB1027 Disc, outer, 17 Dunlop, with separate bead £103.90
OB135 RB1027V Disc, outer, 17" Dunlop, with integral V-bead £121.13
OB140PL Ring, retaining outer disc, plated £136.52
OB150PL Trim, centre of mounting collar, plated £47.56
OB160 Valve extension (8 1/4" total length) £21.18
OB161 Cap, valve extension £2.34
OB170 Collar, retaining valve extension £13.52
OB171 Spanner for OB170 £6.69
OB175 Nut, outer, valve extension £19.72
OB180PL Bead trim, half round with 17.5 degree angle, chrome plated £135.83
OB181PL Bead trim, half round with 14 degree angle, chrome plated £135.83
OB183 3BA screw, chrome wheel trim £6.05
OBA250 RR557 Disc, outer, for Silver Ghost 700 x 21 wheel £91.58
OBC250 Disc, outer, Barker style, for Phantom 1, 21" wheel £99.84
OBR026 A204 Mounting collar, disc, 20/25 £147.54
OBR026:1 Mounting collar, disc, 20/25, single boss location £147.54
OBR028 A346 M'nt'g collar, disc. P2, 19"wheel, with six retaining spokes £143.24
OBR029 M'nt'g collar, disc. P2, 20" wheel, with seven retaining spokes £146.65
OBR030 Mounting collar, disc. P2, 21" wheel £134.14
OBR031 Mounting collar, special, early 20/25 wheel with Ace disc £118.84
OBR055 Spoke for wheel disc, 20/25, 25/30 £0.76
OBR056 Spoke for wheel disc, Ph 2 £0.76
OBR057 Spoke for wheel disc Ph2 £0.82
OBR060 Retaining plate, aluminium collar, Barker style. £7.71
OBR141PL Ring, retaining outer disc, 20/25 & 30 £131.45
OBR142NP Ring retaining outer disc, 20 & 20/25 Barker £105.37
OBR142PL Ring, retaining outer disc, 20 & 20/25, Barker style £108.22
OBR143PL Ring, retaining outer disc, P2, ACE, chrome plated. £184.80
OBR144 Ring, aluminium, retaining outer disc, P2, Barker style £67.03
OBR155PL Trim, centre of mounting collar, Wraith £53.10
OBR200 Disc, inner, P II 19" wheel, having 7 retaining spokes £101.73
OBR201 Disc, inner, 20/25 and 25/30, having 7 retaining spokes £100.77
OBR202 Disc, inner, 20/25 'Colonial' £120.42
OBR203 Disc, inner, P2 19", having 6 retaining spokes £86.42
OBR204 Disc, reinforcing, P2 19" inner, having 6 retaining spokes £41.94
OBR205 Disc, inner, P2 20" £101.20
OBR205A Disc, reinforcing, P2 20" inner £39.53
OBR206 Disc, inner, wheel with rolled edge rim, P3 POA
OBR207 RR857 Disc, inner, wheel with pressed rim, P3 POA
OBR210 RR551 Disc, inner, P2 21" wheel, with 7 retaining spokes POA
OBR211 Reinforcing collar, inner disc, P2 21" wheel POA
OBR250 Disc, outer, I.B, P II for 20" wheel, not Ace centre £111.23
OBR251 RR1079R/RR725R* Disc, outer, with integral bead, 20/25, 25/30 £111.20
OBR251BAR Disc, outer, with integral bead, 20/25, Barker fitting £108.61
OBR252 Disc, outer, with separate bead, Phantom 2 £108.61
OBR253 RR582 Disc, outer, Phantom 2, 21" wheel, with integral bead POA
OBR254 Disc, outer, S.B, 20/25, 25/30 £108.61
OBR255 RR796R Disc, outer, with integral bead, P2 19" wheel £101.42
OBR256 RR611R Disc, outer, with integral bead, P2 20" wheel £112.61
OBR257 Disc, outer, with separate bead, P3, wheel with rolled edge £110.04
OBR258 RR1093 Disc, outer, with separate bead, P3, for wheel with pressed rim POA
OBR259 Disc, outer, with separate bead, P2 19" wheel £108.61
OBR262 Disc, outer, with separate bead, P2, 20" wheel. £112.61
OBR263 Disc outer, integral bead, 20/25 19" 'Colonial' wheel. £121.53
OBZLAG010 Disc, outer, Lagonda, with integral bead £119.00
OBZLAG020 Disc, inner, Lagonda POA
OBZLAG030 Mounting collar, aluminium, Lagonda wheel disc £125.61
OBZLAG040 Screwed ring, retaining disc, Lagonda wheel disc £132.24
OBZLAG050 Trim, chrome plated, centre of mounting collar, Lagonda wheel disc £66.11

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