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We are able to supply a range of general workshop spanners in BSF and BA sizes. These include open ended and ring spanners, and also socket spanners in a variety of sizes. Please enquire.

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'PB: Tools and equipment'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
PB010 EB1129 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley to end of CW series POA
PB011 EB1123 Dog, starting handle shaft Bentley, 20/25 G2 on and 25/30 £97.31
PB014 EB1124 Spring, plunger, starting handle shaft £3.64
PB019 EB1776 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley B2DG - B200DG POA
PB020 EB2114 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley B1DK - B199DK £369.02
PB020:1 EB2297 Shaft, starting handle, Bentley B2EF on £369.02
PB021 Shaft, starting handle, 25/30 £0.00
PB030 E56745 Crank, starting handle, Bentley to 203CW, 20/25 GBT22 - end F2 £430.52
PB040 EB2111 Crank, starting handle, Bentley DG series POA
PB041 EB2112 Crank, starting handle, Bentley DK series on £430.52
PB050 FB556 Jack, short, iron body POA
PB060 Handle, short jack POA
PB070 Cross-piece, wood, jack handle £28.39
PB080 FB2601 Jack, tall, aluminium body, type 37 POA
PB090 Handle, tall jack POA
PB100 Spanner/extractor combination tool,crank damper,small hp with low inertia damper £118.60
PB110 GB910 Spanner, wheel nut, 3 1/2L £262.50
PB115 FB2051 Spanner, wheel nut, 4 1/4L £250.00
PB116 GB741 Wheel spanner, basic, Derby Bentley and Wraith £142.20
PB120 FB761 Hammer, wheel spanner, heavy £269.42
PB125 Hammer, wheel spanner, light £269.42
PB130 Bracket, jack mounting, on bulkhead, painted £112.78
PB200 Tool clip, 3/4" £23.56
PB210 Tool clip, 7/8" £23.56
PB250 T-bar key for boot lock, 120mm long (approx), nickel plated £7.64
PB251 Keyhole escutcheon, lift up flap, Budget lock £11.84
PB300 Hub removal spanner, castellated, Bentley £121.33
PB310 Guide collar, hub spanner £37.30
PB320 Hub puller, for use with PB330 £153.80
PB330 Screwed shaft, hub puller £60.80
PB340 R2831 Drive Dog Puller, all small horsepower cars & P3 £63.49
PB350 Spanner, wheel disc retaining ring, Bentley. £70.53
PB370 Hexagon key, ride control pump plug removal £24.84
PB380 Swaging tool, tapered, cylinder block tubes, small horsepower £56.95
PB390 Spanner, starter motor drive slotted nut. £74.71
PBA010 E5265/PC604 Magneto spanner, Silver Ghost P series on, P1 £38.47
PBA020 E4272 Tappet spanner, Silver Ghost J series on POA
PBA050 Clutch pedal depressor, Silver Ghost £244.10
PBA100 /PC605 Wheel spanner, for Buffalo wheels, Springfield cars £538.36
PBA120 G3425A Spring compressor, hub locking ring, Silver Ghost £80.00
PBA170 /pc606 Washer, leather, Enots oil gun piston, Silver Ghost, P1 & P2 £6.92
PBA220 E315/se179 Spring, starting handle withdrawal, Silver Ghost 1400 - series U £8.46
PBB010 D50837 Spanner, distributor adjustment, 20hp on and Phantom POA
PBB095 Spring compressor, hub locking ring, 20hp GPK32 on, 20/25 to end of S series £80.00
PBB100NF Spanner, removing wire wheel, late 20hp, 20/25 and 25/30, reprod., (unpainted) £284.41
PBC110 G3425A Hub locking ring spring compressor, Phantom 1 and 20hp without FWB £80.00
PBC120 G2899 Spanner, pin, rear axle tube nut retaining hub, P1 POA
PBD300 G75544 Spanner, castellated, hub grease cap retainer, Phantom 2 POA
PBD310 Extractor, hub, P2 £305.06
PBE030 R3336 Bracket, mounting DWS jack to front axle, 20/25 and 25/30 £47.47
PBE060 Crank, assembly, starting handle, 20/25 series G2 on, 25/30 £430.52
PBE210 E56751 Spring, forward end, starting handle, 20/25 GBT22 - F2 £5.94
PBE220 E56750 Spring, engine end, starting handle, 20/25 GBT22 - F2 POA
PBE230 Shroud, over front spring, starting handle, 20/25 GBT22 - F2 POA
PBN020 R2516 Spanner, castellated, to remove hub grease cap retainer, Wraith POA
PBN051 EW1054 Starting handle, Wraith, less rotating grip £362.78
PBR011 E56746 Dog,starting handle shaft, 20/25 GKT22 - end of F2 series £125.63
PBR300 R2851/G52664 Hub grease cap spanner, castellated, RR small horsepower and P3 £118.56
PBR301 R2828_(G52664?) Pin spanner, rear hub ret. nut, 20, 20/25, 25/30 & P3 £114.57
PBR310 R2837(F55116?) Extractor, hub, 20hp, 20/25, 25/30 & P3 £289.06
PBR321 Body, hub extractor PB310, P2 POA
PBR351 Spanner, wheel disc retaining ring, Phantom II £70.53

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