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Nuts, standard

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The table contains an unfiltered list of all parts listed for the section 'QNT: Nuts, standard'.

Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
QNT102 Nut, st'd steel 3BA £0.24
QNT103 Nut, st'd steel 2BA £0.29
QNT104 Nut, st'd steel 1BA #Use QSN100# POA
QNT106 Nut, st'd steel 1/4 BSF £0.33
QNT107 Nut, standard, steel 5/16 BSF £0.14
QNT107N Nut, 5/16" BSF, Nyloc £0.48
QNT107PL Nut, standard, steel 5/16 BSF, cadmium plated £0.36
QNT107SS Nut, st'd steel 5/16 BSF, stainless steel £0.50
QNT108 Nut, standard, steel 3/8 BSF £0.27
QNT109 Nut, standard, steel 7/16 BSF £0.45
QNT109DNP Nut, standard, steel 7/16 BSF, dull nickel plated £1.66
QNT109ZPL Nut, st'd steel 7/16 BSF, single chamfer, zinc plated £0.83
QNT110 Nut, standard, steel 1/2 BSF £0.36
QNT112 Nut, standard, steel 5/8 BSF £0.55
QNT202 K4005 Nut, steel, 3BA, 3/16" thick £0.95
QNT202CDP Nut, steel, 3BA, 3/16" thick, cadmium plated £1.19
QNT203 K4006 Nut, thick steel 2BA (3/16 Spanner) £1.56
QNT203PL Nut, thick, steel, 2BA, cadmium plated (3/16 spanner) £1.82
QNT206 K4008 Nut, steel, thick x 1/4 BSF £0.44
QNT206PL Nut, thick, steel 1/4 BSF, cad plated £0.58
QNT207 K4009 Nut, thick, steel 5/16 BSF £0.44
QNT207PL Nut, thick, steel 5/16 BSF, cadmium plated £0.57
QNT208 K4010 Nut, thick, steel, 3/8 BSF £0.54
QNT208PL Nut, thick, steel 3/8 BSF, cadmium plated £0.64
QNT209 K4011 Nut, thick, steel 7/16 BSF £0.78
QNT209PL Nut, thick, steel 7/16 BSF, cadmium plated £0.67
QNT210 Nut, thick, steel 1/2 BSF £0.86
QNT301 Nut, st'd brass 4BA £0.18
QNT303 Nut, st'd brass 2BA £0.18
QNT400 Nut, thick brass 5BA £0.23
QNT406 K4158 Nut, thick, brass 1/4 BSF £1.31
QNT407 K4159 Nut, thick, brass 5/16 BSF £1.37
QNT408 K4160 Nut, thick, brass 3/8 BSF £2.29
QNT506 Nut, standard castle, steel 1/4BSF £1.70
QNT506B Nut, st'd castle brass 1/4 BSF £5.88
QNT507 Nut, standard castle, steel 5/16BSF £1.68
QNT508 Nut, standard castle, steel 3/8BSF £1.04
QNT509 Nut, standard castle, steel 7/16BSF £0.97
QNT510 Nut, standard castle, steel 1/2BSF £3.00
QNT511 Nut, standard castle, steel 9/16BSF £3.73
QNT512 Nut, standard castle, steel 5/8BSF £1.64
QNT603 K4307 Nut, thin steel 2BA, (3/16" spanner) £1.52
QNT603B K4308 Nut, thin brass 2BA £0.18
QNT603DNP Nut, thin steel 2BA, (3/16" spanner), dull nickel plated £2.73
QNT606 K4310 Nut, thin, steel 1/4" BSF £0.36
QNT607 K4313 Nut, thin, steel 5/16" BSF £1.84
QNT608 K4316 Nut, thin steel 3/8" BSF £0.49
QNT611 Nut, thin, steel 9/16BSF £6.99
QNT703 K4206 Nut, deep castle steel 2BA (3/16 Spanner) £5.59
QNT703PL Nut, deep castle steel 2BA (3/16 Spanner), cad plated £7.56
QNT704 Nut, deep castle, steel 1BA £7.04
QNT706 KL4208 Nut, deep castle, steel 1/4 BSF £1.09
QNT706PL Nut, deep castle, steel 1/4 BSF, cadmium plated £1.23
QNT707 K4209 Nut, deep castle, steel 5/16BSF £2.19
QNT707PL Nut, deep castle, steel 5/16 BSF, cadmium plated £2.54
QNT708 K4210 Nut, deep castle, steel 3/8 BSF £1.20
QNT708PL Nut, deep castle, steel 3/8 BSF, cadmium plated £1.32
QNT709 K4211 Nut, deep castle, steel 7/16BSF £1.56
QNT709PL Nut, deep castle, steel 7/16 BSF, cadmium plated £1.72
QNT710 K4212/sc165 Nut, deep castle, steel 1/2BSF £5.36
QNT711 K4213 Nut, deep castle steel 9/16BSF £4.59
QNT712 Nut, deep castle steel 5/8 BSF POA
QNT806 Nut, thick slotted, steel 1/4BSF £1.09
QNT806PL Nut, thick slotted, steel 1/4BSF, cadmium plated £1.23
QNT907 Nut, standard slotted steel, 5/16 BSF £0.63
QNT907ZP Nut, standard slotted steel, 5/16 BSF, zinc plated £0.81
QNT908 Nut, standard slotted, steel 3/8 BSF £1.05
QNT909 Nut, standard slotted, steel 7/16 BSF £0.84
QNT910 Nut, standard slotted, steel 1/2 BSF £1.05
QNT911 Nut, standard slotted steel, 9/16 BSF £1.77
QNTM505 Nut, st'd castle steel 8mm £1.50

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