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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
QSN100 K4007 Nut, steel, 1BA x 10mm AF £0.46
QSN100PL Nut, steel, 1BA x 10mm AF, cadmium plated £0.55
QSN101 Nut, steel, 2BA castle, spherical seat, steering joint pinch bolt £4.62
QSN102 E33316 Nut, steel, slotted, A-link anchorage, Bentley £23.21
QSN103 F58843 Nut, steel, plain, A-link pin, Bentley, 20/25 & 30 £5.06
QSN104 FB1051 Nut, steel, cap, A-link pin £7.17
QSN105 GB745 Nut, steel, flywheel, 3 1/2L £1.32
QSN106 E50933/R7076 Nut, steel, bigend, 20hp, 20/25 GKT22 on and Bentley 3 1/2L £7.42
QSN107 EB2220/R7075 Nut, steel, big end, 4 1/4L and Mark 6, Dawn £8.26
QSN108 GB2083 Nut, steel, flywheel, 4 1/4L £1.80
QSN109 FB1465 Nut, steel, cap, front apron £15.32
QSN110 EW1833 Nut, brass, long, exhaust manifold £3.96
QSN111 Nut, tappet adjuster, 3 1/2L £2.40
QSN112 K4003 Nut, steel, 5BA x 0.248" AF £0.16
QSN112PL Nut, steel, 5BA x 0.248" AF, cadmium plated £0.29
QSN114 Nut, steel, 7/8" x 16 tpi, Bentley pinion gear £15.15
QSN115 E78594 Nut, tappet adjuster, 4 1/4L and P2, P3 £1.70
QSN116 Nut, steel, 3/4" x 16tpi, Bentley pinion gear POA
QSN117PL Nut, headlamp mounting, chrome plated £26.37
QSN118 GB1460 Nut, king pin, top. £11.65
QSN119PL Nut, cap, 1BA, front number plate, chrome plated £12.22
QSN121 Nut, side tube rear pad adjustable £5.55
QSN123 E50926 Nut, steel, 5/16 BSF x 0.448 " AF £0.49
QSN125 E70204 Nut, castle, petrol tank, side mounting central point £13.00
QSN126 Nut, cap, 2BA steel £0.50
QSN127 F9226 Nut, 1BA castle spherical seat, A-link (Bentley) £7.22
QSN128 G53849 Nut, front ball pin, side steering tube £4.71
QSN129 Nut, steel, retaining idler gear pedestal £4.99
QSN131 G73628 Nut, castle, 7/16 BSF for steering tube ball pin £3.70
QSN132 E6883 Nut, castle, 1/4 BSF x 0.325 long, Bentley crownwheel, P2 crank damper outer £2.70
QSN133 E19084 Nut, castle, 2BA, water pump and dynamo drive coupling £3.06
QSN135 Nut, castle, 9/16 BSF, shallow, for P3 £4.16
QSN136 E51159 Nut, retaining cam follower bridge piece £7.96
QSN139 E71433 Nut, castle, engine side bearer bar, front end. £23.78
QSN140 D70246 Nut, extended castle, dynamo mounting strap, 3 1/2L & P1, P2, P3 £21.11
QSN141 D50034 Nut, extended castle, dynamo mounting strap, 4 1/4, 20hp, 20/25 & 25/30. £21.11
QSN142 G7259 Nut, 3BA castle, rear brake shoe steady, Bentley £5.03
QSN143 E51195 Nut, 1BA castle, rear damper link, Bentley £6.84
QSN144 E6432 Nut, castle, propshaft U/J coupling flange, small hp fr engine support £2.64
QSN147 E16927 Nut, base of steering column stator tube, Bentley £11.35
QSN148 K4214 Nut, deep castle, steel, 5/8" x 16 tpi Whit form £4.80
QSN150 E7493 Nut, castle, rear bump stop rubber retainer POA
QSN650 Dome nut, M3, A4 stainless steel £1.27
QSNA011 U655 Nut, steel, flywheel bolt, Silver Ghost POA
QSNA100 U1213/SC016 Nut, steel castle, steering drop arm ball pin, Silver Ghost £18.45
QSNB010 E13839 Nut, steel, cylinder head, retaining HT lead conduit, 20hp and 20/25 POA
QSNB100 F54135 Nut, steel, steering col bottom of stator tube, 20hp 151 in J on, 20/25 & 30 POA
QSNC010 E70419/PE084 Nut, bigend, all Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 £17.69
QSNC011 G70632 Nut, flywheel bolt, Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 £1.06
QSND100 K4108/PE238 Nut, exhaust manifold to head, Phantom 2 £1.03
QSND101 G52299 Nut, steering ball pin, Phantom 2 POA
QSND102 E6460 Nut, base of steering column stator tube, Phantom 2 £11.35
QSND104 E70268 Nut, 2BA, steel castle with spherical seat, crankpin oil plug, Phantom 1 & 2 £4.86
QSND105 E70266 Nut, 1/4" BSF,steel castle with spherical seat, crank journal oil plug, Ph 1 & 2 £4.97
QSND106 E77417 Nut, 1/2" BSF, main bearing studs, Phantom 2 except series O2 and P2 £3.94
QSND107 G3079 Nut, steel castle, 1/2" x 16tpi, rear spring U-bolt P2 to K2/164 POA
QSND108 F81794 Nut, steel slotted, 1/2" x 16tpi, rear spring U-bolt, P2 chassis K2/165 on POA
QSNE100 G7969 Nut, steel, slotted, A-link anchorage mounting, 20/25 and 30 £5.72
QSNE101 G53849 Nut, steel, thin, shock damper ballpin, 20/25 £4.71
QSNE102 F57891 Nut, steel, lower rear shock damper link ballpin, 20/25 POA
QSNR010 E6605 Nut, flywheel bolt, 20hp & 20/25 to end of F2 (use with GCR035 bolt) £4.40
QSNR106 E54660 Nut, bigend, late 20hp, 20/25 to GKT21 £8.61
QSNR108 Nut, steel, 20/25 flywheel, start GXK - GTK41 (for GC040) £5.34
QSNR113 G51772 Nut, castle, ball pins frnt of s-tube late 20 hp, X-tube late 20hp, 20/25&25/30 £20.29
QSNR114 E76013 Nut, retaining carburettor, 20/25 all series £6.89
QSNR133 F85070 Nut, castle, 5/16" BSF spherical seat, P2 A-link 126 in O2 on POA
QSNR134 F51437 Nut, castle, 1/4" BSF sph'cal seat, 20hp, 20/25&30, P1&P2, X-tube, A-link £3.08
QSNR135 F54864 Nut, castle, short, 1/4" BSF sph'cal seat, 20/25 steering joint pinch bolt £2.51
QSNR136 G3178 Nut, castle, 3/8BSF x 7/16, dynamo drive 20hp & 20/25, P2 crownwheel £5.69
QSNR137 K4322 Nut, plain, 1/2" BSF x 0.312" thick £6.14
QSNR138 G74212 Nut, plain, 3/4" x 16tpi RH, 0.412" thick POA

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