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Nut, short for 5/16 fem. spherical olive

These nuts have a thread diameter of 9/16" (0.5625" nominal diameter), 20 threads per inch Whitworth form. They are used on almost all fuel pipe connections from Phantom 1 and 20hp onwards, except for connections to the top of the Autovac and to some fuel filters. The diameter of the fuel pipes fitted with TPF030 is 5/16" (0.3125")

They are used in conjunction with pipe olive TPF133.

For many of the applications that required TPF030 the material used by Rolls-Royce to make the nuts was nickel silver. This becomes brittle over time, and ultimately the nut will split when it is tightened up. We have re-manufactured the nuts in steel, with an option of having them nickel plated; these do not become brittle. See TPF030PL.

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Nut, short for 5/16 female olive
Nut, short for 5/16 female olive