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Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Production commenced in 1907 and continued, with many detail improvements, until 1925. The general arrangement of the large 6 cylinder engine was to become a Rolls-Royce hallmark for some 28 years, featuring twin cylinder blocks mounted on an aluminium crankcase and a separate gearbox. During the first World War many Ghost chassis saw action at the front line, fitted with military coachwork.

Production numbers
1907 - 1925
6-cylinder, capacity 7036cc. Side valve, exposed camfollowers and valve springs. Twin cylinder blocks with non-detachable cylinder heads on a 2–piece aluminium crankcase. 7-bearing crankshaft with vibration damper from 1911. Pressure–fed lubrication by gear-type pump. Oil capacity 8 pints with 11 pints in a reserve tank.
R-R 2-jet type with automatic air valve. Initially cold start aided by priming cup, from 1921 changed to a starting carburettor.
Dual system, each firing 6 plugs. Independent trembler coil and magneto.
Cooling system
Fan and centrifugal pump. Thermostat from 1921.
Fuel system
Initially gravity tank under front seat. Tank moved to rear in 1909 with pump driven off the gearbox, and off the distributor drive from 1919. Autovac from 1924.
Gearbox a separate unit. 4 speeds with direct drive top (3 speeds 1909 – 1913). Cone clutch. Open propeller shaft replaced by torque tube in 1911.
Front, semi-elliptic. Rear, initially platform, replaced by cantilever in 1912. Friction shock absorbers from 1908, then Hartford friction type from 1921.
Initially rear wheel brakes only, internally expanding operated by the handbrake and externally contracting on the propeller shaft operated by the footbrake. From 1913 the footbrake acted directly on the rear wheels also, and from 1924 front wheel brakes were added, operated by a mechanical servo. The servo motor was driven from the gearbox.
Worm and nut.
Chassis lubrication
By oil gun, 99 points weekly!

Early Silver Ghosts and Springfield-built cars were not assigned Chassis Series as such. We have taken the liberty of creating a Chassis Series for these cars to help list and describe them. Please ask.